MEERO- A Natural Resource Management Organisation

Our Focus

Use know hows and best practices to bring a balance in natural capital utlisation and harnessing its servicing abilities through series of initiatives adapted from nature using Bio-Engineering, Research & Development and Implementation of Projects with backing of Sound Science - thus make our society climate change resilient and attain sustainability.

Highlights from the Projects

We Offer

MEERO is happy to assist you in planning, designing and materialising projects that are aimed at conserving natural resources, or making the lives of people easier in terms of access, quality, and productivity through planned interventions coupled with expertise drawn from different frontiers of development, management and academic excellence.

MERRO possess state of art facilities, expertise, industries' leading tools and equipments, which can bring innovation to your design, enable you to look for a better alternative, or explore much deeper into the facts of success and finalize your decision with all supporting documents faster than ever before. .

Our Core Competences

We are a group of professionals assembled under one roof; We understand business of consultancy, have experiences and ideas to make a difference and supersede your expectations. We provided consultancy services in following areas:

  • Ecorestoration;
  • Bio-Engineering;
  • Masterplanning;
  • Detail Engineering;
  • Geographical Information System(GIS);
  • Farm Development;
  • Agribusiness;
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Livelihood Improvement;
  • Eco-Tourism Development;
  • Investment and Financial Advises.
  • Training and Capacity Development;

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